KC Johnson based on Les Brown Quote: “You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can take the journey toward them.  Hold them in your mind until they become second nature—until they become your reality and change the way you experience life.”
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Hypnosis DVDs, MP3, CD's for hypnotism, self-hypnosis, and meditation

Light and Sound Machines
These systems can establish deep states of hypnosis rapidly. Use them with your clients or for self-hypnosis to promote relaxation, lucid dreaming, and accelerated learning.







CDs for the LSMs (Above)
These are CD sets that can be used with Light and Sound Machines or separately on a CD player for relaxation, hypnosis and meditation.



Learn how to do Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions with KC Johnson of The Paradox Agency for Hypnosis


This 2-DVD set is a compact, fast-paced and efficient 2-hour lesson
focused on rapidly teaching hypnotists at all levels of experience
—expert, advanced and beginner—the procedures of highly effective Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions while instilling a thorough and important understanding of fundamental hypnosis.
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Cover Art (back)--Instant and Rapid Inductions DVD PART 2 Cover Art (front)--Instant and Rapid Inductions DVD PART 2 Cover Art (back)--Instant and Rapid Inductions DVD PART 1 Cover Art (front)--Instant and Rapid Inductions DVD PART 1
This 2-DVD Instructional Set includes:
   •  Instant and Rapid Inductions—How to instantly hypnotize people!
   •  The Anatomy of an Induction—The proper way to form inductions!
   •  Spotting Techniques and Safety—Safely handling your clients!
   •  The Hypnoidal Five™ —Ways to easily hypnotize people naturally!
   •  The Fundamentals of Hypnosis—An overview of basic hypnosis!
   •  Hypnosis Theory—Understanding why hypnosis works!
   •  Deepeners— How to produce profoundly deep states of hypnosis!
            ...And much more!
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Hypnosis Books, MP3, DVD, NLP and Motivational Products


Welcome to my page for hypnosis books, NLP, DVD and MP3 recommendations.  Occasionally, I will be updating this page with new products for hypnotists, motivational coaches, NLP practitioners and fitness trainers. So, check back regularly for changes.


KC Johnson, C.H.

Hypnosis, NLP, Motivation and Fitness Books
Hypnosis and NLP Books

The first three hypnosis books are the most important in this group.
The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism (1st book, below), is considered the bible of Hypnosis. It covers just about everything you need to know about establishing the state of hypnosis whether you are a clinical hypnotist or a stage/street hypnotist. It should be the foundation of every hypnotist's reference library.

Hypnotherapy (3rd book, below) is considered the definitive reference for clinical hypnosis via the Elman school of thought. It thoroughly details the Elman approach to using hypnocounseling and hypnotherapy for clients.

Sports Hypnosis is an excellent source of information for hypnotists who specialize in sports hypnosis. By reviewing various case studies, the author teaches several approaches to address issues commonly faced by athletes.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Books

These are three of my favorite books on bodybuilding. Arnold's Encyclopedia is the quintessential instructional manual for old-school bodybuilding. Beyond Brawn and The Insider's Tell-All Handbook are incredible tools for the natural bodybuilder and sports athlete who want to build strength and size. Together, these books thoroughly cover every aspect of natural bodybuilding via text and pictures, including detailed instructions on nutrition and proper exercise techniques (kinesthetics).

Motivational Books

The first two books by Anthony Robbins are two of the best examples of applied NLP. The third book is a short, easy to read, uplifing story about life.

General Books

When first learning NLP modalities and hypnotherapy, it is important to have an understanding of personality types. These books summarize the 9 basic personality types and provide clearly stated information that will help you assess clients as you learn more about the people you help with NLP, Hypnosis and/or Hypnotherapy.

Dale Carnegie’s book is one of the most famous works on forging strong interpersonal relationships. Whether interacting with clients, potential clients, business partners, friends or family, everyone can benefit from learning these skills. I encourage you to use these methods lightly, with the intention to improve your relationships as opposed to manipulating people.


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